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Review from The New York Times Magazine:
“Short Reviews”

“Fullest, most vivid portrait of a city in years.” Read more >

Review from Kirkus Reviews:
“Delirious Delhi”


“More than just a how-to guide, the book is an appealing memoir, as the author recounts his social blunders and interactions with curious neighbors… Prager is a solid storyteller, and the book is an enjoyable tour through an overwhelming and irresistible city.” Read more >

Nomination from National Geographic:
“The Books of Summer”


“{…} and that’s just the first line of Prager’s humorous, insightful account of taking up residence in this megacity of 16 million.” Read more >

Review in India West:
“Writer Delves Into the Depths of ‘Delirious Delhi'”

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 1.11.51 PM

“‘Delirious Delhi’ is perfect for anyone who’s traveling to Delhi, anyone who’s thinking about it, or anyone who wants to know what they’re missing.” Read more >

Review in San Jose Mercury News:
Monthly Reviews

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“Prager, an advertising copywriter assigned to a job in India, spent 18 months in Delhi and loved it. And hated it. And loved it. “Delirious Delhi” recounts his time in the beautiful, yet often baffling, city of 16 million.” Read more >

Review in Outlook Traveller:
“Capital View”

“There are passages of great sensitivity and superb writing. The couple’s insightful understanding of why rural Indians visiting Delhi want to take pictures with them and never mind being clicked themselves, and Prager’s amusing and spot-on understanding of ‘jugaad’ … foreigners who intend to spend time in urban India by working and living alongside and not above Indians, will be grateful for Dave Prager’s book. ” Read more >>

Interview in The Hindustan Times:
“Delhi is the Friendliest City We’ve Lived In”

“Everyone is starting to recognise the role India will play in the world’s future. Also, there’s nothing better than Indian food. The food is the number one reason Jenny and I wanted to live in India. ” Read more >>

Review from DNA India:
“Delirious Delhi: Inside India’s Incredible Capital”

“Prager writes with comic warmth. It’s impressive how much he’s gotten beyond the surface of Delhi as it may appear to foreigners, and sunk into the city’s marrow. There’s humour, curiosity, and an eagerness to learn more, experience more, live Delhi more. Prager ties up ends beautifully.” Read more >>

Article from The Wall Street Journal: India:
“Delhi Journal: The Expat Experience”

Read the article >>

Review from The Economic Times:
“‘Delirious Delhi’: An expat’s 18-month journey”

“Expats often face challenges in Delhi but for US-based adman Dave Prager, the joy of living here far outweighed these challenges so much so that he tries to demystify the city by chronicling how he and his wife experienced: isolated, overwhelmed, and loving every minute of their nearly two-year-long stay. ” Read more >>

Review from The Tribune India:
“Capital Unbound”

“The observations of the couple from New York give us new insights into what should be completely familiar to us. ‘Are we really like that?’ We ask while chucking at Dave’s funny but observant insights. ‘We are’, is the answer we would give ourselves if we are honest.” Read more >>

Review from The Book Review India:
“Expat in the City”

“It’s an extensive collection of observations and anecdotes ranging from the hilarious to the harrowing, neatly tied together with bits of well-researched trivia and Prager’s signature good humour. And that’s what makes this book: the candid, unpretentious and completely open-minded attitude with which the author writes.” “…there are plenty of spot-on observations and laugh-out-loud moments to tickle the funny bones of Delhiites and expats alike.” Read more >>

Brief review on Marginal Revolution:
“What I’ve been reading”

“An excellent book on India, an excellent book on a city, and an excellent book on Delhi, all rolled into one. Unlike many travel books, it tells you a lot about the city.” Read more >>

Live author chat with CNN IBN:
“What Delhi is to outsiders: author chat with Dave Prager”

Click to read the chat transcript.

Book review by The Times of India:
“A firangi in India? How novel!”

“For a firangi, Delirious Delhi is full of useful – and often hilarious – information about the city and its people; and for a Delhiite, there’s the opportunity to see India through the fresh eyes of an outsider. Equal entertainment (and learning) on both parts, probably.” Read more >>

Book review by Time Out Delhi:
“Delirious Delhi”

“His investigations into the habits of Dilliwalas are acute and amusing. Prager’s account is also different from some others in that he actually had a job (with a commute to Gurgaon – we feel his pain), and describes working in a multinational company’s office in hilarious detail. These anecdotes, and others about Steeves’ non-profit work, hold plenty of pithy insight. Expats: send this one to your friends abroad to give them an idea of what you’re going through.” Read more >>

Book review by Flash News Today:
“Delirious Delhi”

“In this brilliantly written book, the author uses the various shades of his Delhi experience to build a story for us — thereby making us see Delhi in altogether a different and exciting light.” Read more >>

Book review by The Sunday Guardian:
“Dissenting views of south Delhi”

“Prager has a broad sense of humour that usually works, his enthusiasm is infectious and I enjoyed his obsessive interest in such things as the intonations of the word “bhaiya” by women trying to hector sabzi-wallahs.” Read more >>

Interview in So Delhi:
“Dave Prager”

“What in your opinion is the one characteristic unique to Delhi?” Read more >>

Review from ForgotToGrowUp:
“Delirious Delhi- Book Review”

“Almost everything which Delhi has, has been captured beautifully and aptly by Dave. His observation and insight in understanding and depicting Delhi behaviour is something which is the soul of this book. It is a perfect combination of intelligent reading and adequate dose of humor!” … “Read this if you have ever been to Delhi/ lived here and want to see your life from an outsider’s perspective. It is a feel good book!” Read more >>

Review from The Hungry Bookshelf:
“Review: Delirious Delhi”

“If you are thinking of moving to, or visiting New Delhi (or even India in general), then I would highly recommend reading this book. His observations and accounts are 100% accurate and straight to the point, and it is incredibly refreshing to know that what you are experiencing yourself is actually true!” Read more >>

Article from The Displaced Nation:
“Talking with author Dave Prager about his — deliriously unspiritual — expat experience in India”

“Reading like the work of a hipster Bill Bryson” Read more >>

Book review by Freya’s:
“Delirious Delhi by Dave Prager”

“India is a country of many hues, of opposites existing together, of both extremes being possible. It is a country you both love and hate at the same time and here its possible to do that. And Dave understands this; his book is all the shades of grey. I enjoyed reading Delirious Delhi and smiling and nodding along-side it. It was refreshing to read a book by a non-Indian who actually experienced the ‘real’ India.” Read more >>

Book review by Big Eyed Fish:
“Expat Book Club”

“…you would know that the author writes extremely well, with a knack for observing the many absurdities of the city and its dwellers with a sharpness that perhaps only a stranger can possess. The same great writing continues in the book, which makes it a pleasure to read.” Read more >>

Book review by Mumbai Boss:
“Despicable Delhi”

“With a sense of humour that can only be described as Jewish, Prager serially skewers Delhi’s peccadilloes. He astutely identifies traffic-light begging as “trickle-up economics”, noting that “money earned by Delhi’s poorest moves inexorably upward into the pockets of those who have power over them”. He finds the root of the practice of “gora evasion”—when foreigners will pretend not to notice one another on the street—in preserving, against all appearances, the illusion that there are still mysteries remaining to be uncovered.” Read more >>

Article in The Tribune India:
“Capital Unbound”

“The book’s account is from the eyes of Dave and his wife Jenny, whose top-to-bottom snapshot of Delhi is at once critical and funny.” Read more >>

Article in Times of India:
“Foreign Flavours”

Event review by Angela Carson:
“Delirious Delhi: Curious Book Launch Event”

Article by Dave Prager in The Indian Express’s Eye Magazine:
“An expat’s guide to surviving Lutyens’ Delhi”

Interview from The NRI:
“Delirious Delhi!”

Review from
“New Book About India: Delirious Delhi”

Review from The Pioneer:
“I was working twice here in half the deadlines'”

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