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Now available in the US and everywhere else!

Call it “reverse globalization”: Delirious Delhi gets released FIRST in India and only now makes its way to the rest of the world. I’m pleased to say that today, June 4, marks the day when the rest of humanity gets to read what India alone has enjoyed. Delirious Delhi is here!


You can buy it on Amazon. You can get it globally. You can even purchase an audio book.
I’m very excited. I hope you are, too.

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Three-line reviews from readers

Blurbs from people you may know:

Delirious Delhi is a rare treat: a diary of a city somehow stranger, richer and more baffling than can be imagined. It’s filled with all the tiny gems about living and working in Delhi that a Continue reading


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Highlights from Bangalore and Delhi (#2) launch events

Bangalore’s traffic apocalypse is very different from Delhi’s traffic apocalypse.

Delhi has epic jams: packed boulevards that stretch to the horizon; masses of vibrating, coughing vehicles; drivers and passengers for whom the queue in front of them dictates exactly what their fate will be for the next hour, but who will battle each other every single inch anyway.

Driving in Bangalore is different: it’s death by a thousand minor intersections. You finally free yourself after waiting at one eternal red light, you see open road ahead of you, and you think, “Maybe the next light will go in my favor.”

But it will not.

There’s only one man who could overcome Bangalore traffic. And I spotted him as soon as I started walking around.

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Highlights from the Mumbai launch

Delirious Delhi on display in Crossroads Bookstore, Kemps Corner, Mumbai

Mumbai is much more intense than Delhi. It’s India’s Manhattan: as a peninsula, its waters prevent a Delhi-like sprawl. So Mumbai has grown up instead of out.

Imagine the population density of Old Delhi multiplied across an entire city.

That’s Mumbai. You walk in the streets because every inch of sidewalk has been claimed for business. You ignore the speeding taxis.

Somehow they don’t hit you.

Mumbai abounds with elegant old buildings that have been swallowed by the pressures of the city.

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Highlights from the Delhi launch

The first wild sighting of Delirious Delhi!

Two years after leaving our Delhi home, I’ve returned for the publication of my new book about life in this city of sixteen million.

And returning after so long has brought a strange mix of nostalgia and immediacy.

It’s joy and melancholy combined: it’s magnificent to be back, it’s depressing to have left, it’s sad to be away from where life is now.

I arrived on Thursday night. I slept, I recovered, and then I dove into this newer Delhi, where a spotless shining South Delhi Metro now deposits me under the havelis of the 19th century. Amazing to begin here…

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Delirious Delhi: an excerpt

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Join us at release events in Delhi, Mumbai, & Bangalore • 2nd Delhi event added!

Delirious Delhi is coming to India, and so am I! Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the founding of New Delhi, I will be arriving for free book release events in three Indian cities. I hope to see you there!


(Click image for printable version)

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