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Blurbs from people you may know:

Delirious Delhi is a rare treat: a diary of a city somehow stranger, richer and more baffling than can be imagined. It’s filled with all the tiny gems about living and working in Delhi that a travel guide could never tell you. All my dinner conversations for a week started with, ‘Did you know that in Delhi…?”

Jeremy Messersmith, Musician, Glassnote Records (“Top 10 Albums of 2010” by NPR)
“As jovial as it is thoughtful. Like wandering Delhi with a close friend who knows enough to get lost.”
Ryan Van Winkle, Poet (Robert Louis Stevenson Fellow)
“This book is the next best thing to a open-ended plane ticket east. Prager’s frank and witty account of expatriate living brings to life the overwhelming sights, scents and sounds of Delhi.”
Dan Meth, Cartoonist (New York Times, College Humor, Comedy Central)
“An understanding of the form and spirit of the everyday city is the rarest treasure a visitor can hope to acquire. Dave’s book is an hilarious and perceptive chronicle of the subtle and idiosyncratic experiences of a life in Delhi.”
— Ryan Smith, guitarist, Caribou (Radiohead’s 2012 tour opener)

Kind words from everyday readers:
“If you aren’t Indian, the ride will hold you in awe; the overtly earnest policemen ‘helping’ you get a good auto fare will assure (and annoy!) you as the couple tries its best making it clear that they’re just as desi as they come: they don’t need help. If you are Indian, you will find yourself smiling as you read of good old Delhi. A warm read. Just remember to get your milk and cookies well before you sit down to read. Getting up again is not all that easy. #experience”
— Ritika Upadhyay, Koopy Reviews
“What I like is your intellectual honesty in relating your experiences, good or bad. I especially hate the spiritual mumbo-jumbo platitudes of many a western writer, because in them I see a benign condescension.”
— Jagadeesh V, via email
“I’m loving your book. I’m on the last chapter and feel like I’ve been laughing, groaning (anticipating my health issues), and getting more excited for the big move over there.”
— Amanda Rivera, via Facebook message
“Very honest and balanced description of Delhi. Highly recommended for someone who wants to visit/work/live in Delhi or just wants to get a ‘real feel’ of this place. It is amazing that this is written by a foreigner. Someone has really experienced the place and penned it down with sincerity.”
— Curie Sharma, via email
“It takes an outsider to see how crazy things are but someone who has lived there to put the strangeness into a framework that helps to make sense of the bizarre and unexpected. For me, Dave Prager got Delirious Delhi just right, and I can only hope he may be tempted to continue to write about the city or India in general.”
— Koshkha, DooYoo reviewer
“Delirious Delhi made me laugh with joy at things I knew only other visitors and lovers of Delhi would understand. I felt like the book painted a picture of my exact experience and I enjoyed> every minute of it.”
— Andrea Corbo, via email
“I started and finished this book faster than it takes to commute on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road. Which isn’t saying much, unless you read this book, which, by all means, you must.”
— Jordan Sher, via email
“Over the course of nearly 40 years of living and working in 16 countries I only got to “visit” India via Dave’s book. His book gives me the sense of having prowled the back streets and alleys as is my nature, digging up secrets and creating indelible memories. I have to occasionally remind myself that my memories of India are not really mine, but Dave’s.”
— Jim Steeves, via email
“Reading this book made me want to update that passport and travel somewhere with a vibrant population different from those I’m accustomed to. Somewhere besides Mexico and Canada for once. I highly recommend this book for Americans curious about life outside the walled garden of the western world!”
— M. Reilley, Amazon Reviewer
“This is great travel book. It’s not a guide book for Delhi or an economist’s analysis of how the massive city works, though it has pieces of both. It is an open-minded foreigner’s attempt to understand the madness, not by ignoring the difficult and impenetrable but by marinating in them to get some perspective.”
— Mark Vitelli, Amazon reviewer
“Dave Prager conveys the humor, fascination, discomfort and happiness that he and his wife experienced in India with obvious whimsy and a grand sense of fun. Those who travel to foreign countries and especially who have visited India will feel a sense of kinsmanship while reading the book. I even chuckled out loud a few times.”
— M. Beck “Bolillo”, Amazon reviewer
“Move over, Lonely Planet. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a long time resident, you will love this book. The hilarious accounts of travel by auto and bargaining in shops are interspersed with thoughtful commentary on culture and comparisons with NYC, the author’s previous home.
For an ex Delhiite like me, the book brought on incredible amounts of nostalgia for places and experiences. A must read.”
— Raja Swaminathan, FlipKart reviewer
“As an expat myself I love reading about how other foreigners perceive Delhi and have learned to adapt to the Delhi lifestyle. Dave has done a wonderful job of putting into words so many of the things I could never describe. He brilliantly explains why Delhi is what it is and how it may evolve… hopefully not beyond recognition.”
— Louise Jourdan, FlipKart reviewer
“I did not take me too long to finish this one.The book is captivating and full of humour. I am amazed at the kind of detail author has gone into while describing places, anecdotes related to the city. How could an expat remember and capture so much when places have names not in his native language?”
“This is a bloody awesome book… doesn’t stereotype and provides an honest account of the magical city called Delhi – my hometown I loved reading it and made me nostalgic throughout… Great humorous anecdotes which I could relate with and they made me howl with laughter – my wife can vouch for that 😉 Must read for everybody – not just Delhites!!!”
— Nishant Jha, FlipKart reviewer
“The book to be precise is not about Delhi, it’s a journey of the author where he very interestingly compares cultures. Unlike many tourist who come with a narrow mind, the author tries to accept things and thus presents a deeper analysis of the city and its life.”
— Nipesh P Narayanan, FlipKart reviewer
“This book is simply awesome. While i have read many books on Delhi, never have i seen an author writing straight from the heart. All over the book, you can see Dave’s love for Delhi and his genuine liking for the city. Its a brilliant book with intelligent insights and very keen observation on Delhi life.”
— Deepti Dhyani, FlipKart reviewer
“As an Indian (an proudly so !), I have met and interacted with a number of expats who have rather mean things to say about India and Indians. I do understand that things look and feel different looking at it thorough their eyes but always wished that they would understand the sensitivities of people around them. Delirious Delhi made me change my perspective of expats.”
— Kavitha Sripada, FlipKart reviewer
“Your book is my every night companion, as I miss India tremendously, and get depressed  after I return from my India trips hahah. I love your sense of humor and how you compare things. You should get this translated to Chinese and Thai. I always encourage all my friends to go India as Chinese and Thais still have this ‘scary’ perception of India. So if there are more resources other than guidebooks for them to read it’d be great!”
— Parichatra (Cookie), via email


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