Highlights from Bangalore and Delhi (#2) launch events

Bangalore’s traffic apocalypse is very different from Delhi’s traffic apocalypse.

Delhi has epic jams: packed boulevards that stretch to the horizon; masses of vibrating, coughing vehicles; drivers and passengers for whom the queue in front of them dictates exactly what their fate will be for the next hour, but who will battle each other every single inch anyway.

Driving in Bangalore is different: it’s death by a thousand minor intersections. You finally free yourself after waiting at one eternal red light, you see open road ahead of you, and you think, “Maybe the next light will go in my favor.”

But it will not.

There’s only one man who could overcome Bangalore traffic. And I spotted him as soon as I started walking around.

Though I’d never been to Bangalore before, I knew there were two things I had to experience. First, I appreciated the city’s famous weather by strolling in its famous parks.

And second, I ate here:

By the time the rice and sambar had arrived at my plate, my intake was labored; by the time I’d finished my sweet, I was in pain. And when the waiter told me there was still fruit and ice cream coming, I… I…

I refused. I’m ashamed to admit it: I actually couldn’t eat it all.

Friends, when it comes to thalis, I am out of practice.

After leaving MTR, I re-commenced wandering, hoping exercise would make me hungry again. Somehow I found myself in the older part of Bangalore, whereupon I stumbled upon one of the most picturesque markets I’d ever seen.

And then, it was off to Crosswords to discuss the book.

My conversation partner for the evening was Vikramajit Ram, author of Dreaming Vishnus: A Journey through Central India and the upcoming Tso and La: A Journey in Ladakh.

A book is a child you cannot raise: you bring it in to the world, and all you can do is hope others recognize the potential you think you see in it. In the video below, you’ll see Vikram introducing my book.  And you’ll see me beaming like a proud parent as he does so.

(You can read a much more detailed account of the event here on Angela’s Adventures in Bangalore.)

After the event, I joined a former coworker for an evening of cultural discovery at Bangalore’s beer bars.

And then, I returned to Delhi. I spent the day journeying to bookstores, shaking hands with owners, and signing copies; and then I spent the night at the Olive Beach Restaurant, discussing the book once again with Sonal Shah, editor of Time Out Delhi.

Three hours later, I was on my flight back to the States.

Do one thing: help me make this book a bestseller. The more books I sell, the sooner I will return to India. And maybe next time, Jenny (and Georgiana) will join me.

If you’re in India, buy Delirious Delhi on FlipKart. If you’re elsewhere, buy it here.


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13 responses to “Highlights from Bangalore and Delhi (#2) launch events

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  2. my mom who lives in delhi has been trying to buy it(to send to me in Canada) for a few days now but unfortunately, no bookstore seems to carry it yet..she told me she tried 3 bookstores. i can’t wait for her to find it so she can mail it to me..aargh!!!!!getting so impatient..i’ve never wanted to read a book as much as i want yours(that’s cuz i was raised in delhi from the age of 10 till 18) so delhi’s really close to my heart & am curious to read about your experiences in delhi.

  3. Hi Silverfox — I saw it with my own eyes in Bahrisons, Full Circle, and Midland. If it’s not there than it must be sold out. If you can tell me exactly which bookstores your mother went to, I can inform the publisher and they will restock them ASAP. Thanks!

  4. I recall the struggle U & jenny had with the 2nd helping of Idli’s at the Murugan Idli … when u described the Thaali’s @ MTR …

    Looking forward to read the book asap … and mail u my feedback …

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  7. freebiepjs

    It’s “but **who** will battle each other,” not “but whom.” Whom is an object, who is a subject. Otherwise, looks like an interesting book!

  8. Dear Dave, My name is Nisha and I write for First City magazine in Delhi. I was hoping you’d be able to help me out with some research for a story that we’re planning to run in the March Issue of he magazine, on expats who conduct guided tours – either heritage walks and/or nature walks, food walks and walks around must-see tourist destinations in the city.
    If you know of someone I could speak with or could point me in what will hopefully be a fruitful direction that would be wonderful. If you do have any leads (or advice) I’d be very grateful if you could email me at the address I’m providing below.

    Best, Nisha

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